Building #1: 606 Dryer

The Aviation Maintenance Technician facility (AMT Building) is a 11,760 sq. ft. modern two-story building that houses administrative offices, FAA Approved Computer Assisted Testing Service (CATS) testing rooms, three (3) briefing/ testing rooms, one (1) large classroom/amphitheater, one smaller classroom, a lab, the Learning Resource Center (library), and a 4,200 sq. ft. hangar space. The hangar space is divided into sections for sheet metal/composites, powerplant, and hydraulics. The hangar also has two designated areas used for the positioning of aircraft or aircraft component(s) as required by subject matter and practical project.

606 Dryer Building
Front of Aviator College Main Building

Building #2: 301 Dryer

The Academic Building is 5,000 square feet of newly remodeled classrooms and breakroom.

Campus Photos

The Aviation Maintenance Technician Program has a specific emphasis on the A&P training aspects needed to meet the requirements of the airline industry.

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